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Colournext 2014

Setting 2014 colour trends

Each country has its unique flavor that is deeply rooted in its culture and evolves over time. Scib Paints believes in the special characteristics of countries and communities from which the company is always keen to set trends of fashion, décor and colours.


Accordingly, Scib Paints held a workshop in December 2013 for senior year students of the Faculty of Fine Arts to come up with the latest colour trends for this year, using the culturally rich Pharaonic theme. Students were divided into groups and were given a wealth of imagery of Ancient Egyptian arts. Each group was requested to produce a colour palette inspired by the pharaonic culture and explain the reasons behind their choices.


The workshop was an attraction for the young artists, supported by their professors. The work was then evaluated by members of the jury, which included esteemed professors and various distinguished members from the arts community in Egypt. The jury selected five winning themes, each tells the story behind this inspiring Pharaonic culture that still decorates the walls of temples till present defying time and various conditions.


According to Hany El Belony, Scib Paints Marketing Manager, the idea is for the company to revive this marvelous civilization on the walls of houses of Egyptians in a way that fits their various tastes.


Trend setting is only natural for Egypt given its rich environment and natural elements full of colours, making it unnecessary to import such fashions from anywhere else. The Nile, the greenery, the deserts and mountains with the wide variety of colours were the inspiring factors, not only to set the colour trends for 2014, but also to reflect a sense of belonging and pride through "Colournext 2014".


The management of Scib Paints headed by Mr. Manish Mehra, CEO and Engineer / Badr Sednawy,  General Manager announced the launch of these colour trends in the market through in a press conference held at Marriott Hotel, Zamalek with colournext 2014 catalogue displaying the different colour palettes and how to use each palette to create a homogeneous and comfortable living or office space.


It is worth mentioning that Scib Paints is a pioneer in setting colour trends for the year with the launch of Colournext 2013 as the first ever Egyptian catalogue for colour trends and commits to more future innovations for its customers.