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Let’s Scib in the Garden - family day

Let’s Scib in the Garden with Décor Professionals in a full family day

Scib Paints held a full fun day for the whole family full of colours and décor innovations on the occasion of celebrating 35 years in the Egyptian market. Invitees for the celebration ranged from Interior Designers to Consultants in addition to university professors of engineering and Fine arts and other professionals in the field of décor and construction.

Invitees were given the chance to indulge in the world of Scib colours and get closer to Scib products, especially Royale Play special effects products in addition to Royale emulsion with its utmost stain resistance and Whethercoat for total exterior protection and the wood coasting line including Touchwood and Aquador.

Also, invitees were very interested to try products themselves and get acquainted with creating special effects in addition to attending a few seminars that discussed how colouring can be used to relief daily stress and how to photo shoot a finished interior space using simple tools like mobile phones and how to brief a professional photographer to shoot various rooms. The day also included a lot of activities and fun games

Special attention was given to kids who had their own corner full of activities fun, colouring and games. The event was held in the Garden, Royale Maxim Palace Kempinski where invitees enjoyed the live performance of Black Thema band in addition to the rest of the day’s activities.